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Imagine waking up to a beautiful day with everything around you being picturesque. Everything is at the place except for your mind, which is a mess. You are in a rage. You just want to throw everything in your sight. On the contrary, on the worst possible day, you are extraordinarily jovial and ecstatic to an extent that people are wondering what in the world is possibly keeping you happy. You are caught in the turmoil of mood swings. These mood swings are never ending. So what might be the possible reasons? What keeps you on a constant roller coaster? Read on to know and accordingly rectify the cause of your mood swings.


1.    Stress

This is the most common and easy etiology to your mood fluctuations. Stress can result from anything as trivial as a fray with someone, work pressure, peer pressure. Every age group is prone to encountering mood swings because of stress in day to day life.


2.    Sleep deprivation

This too is frequent reason resulting in mood swings. Lack of sleep not only causes mood swings but numerous mental disorders. It is essential to get an adequate amount of sleep to keep the body functioning in a proper manner.


3.    Substance abuse

All forms of substance abuse cause unexpected and extreme moods. This might result from the cravings they undergo and lack of self-control. The distorted priorities and shortcomings on the work front resulting from excessive indulgence in addiction can act synergistically.


4.    Hormones

There is a reason why the mid-aged bitchy woman is constantly throwing rants on you. Her hormones are taking her emotions to ebb and flow constantly. Hormonal imbalance is not only encountered in puberty, menopause, pregnancy but can be seen because of the deranged menstrual cycle too.


5.    Neurotransmitters

Neurotransmitters are the substances which help your nerves carry signals from one end to another. There are transmitters of both excitatory and inhibitory types. Norepinephrine, GABA, dopamine, serotonin are a few such transmitters. Any variation in the levels of these transmitters can result in deranged moods.


6.    Mental disorders

Almost all mental disorders give rise to altered moods. If your mood swings are too frequent and too extreme, you should see a psychiatrist without delay. Some of the mental disorders causing mood disorders are depression, bipolar disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, borderline personality disorder etc.


Mood swings are a part of normal life. Just because you encounter mood swings does not mean that you are mentally sick. Most of the times these mood swings can be resolved by simple measures like getting proper sleep and correct lifestyle measures. However, if you witness extreme mood swings which make you destructive you might need to visit a psychiatrist.   

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